Leicester Christmas Market and Beyond: Exploring London’s Festive Streets

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Leaving the comfort of our idyllic community in Davenport, Florida, where life revolves around sunlit pools and the joyful escapades of families venturing to Disney World, our journey to London was a leap into a different world. 

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London’s vibrant crowds, which reminded me of my old Chicago life, seemed quite familiar. However, there was an undertone of unfamiliarity that added a hint of fear mixed with excitement amidst the vibrant pulse of the city.

Journey to the Leicester Christmas Market

As soon as we emerged from the Underground, the lively energy of the city surrounded us. Davenport’s steady, calm rhythm stood in stark contrast to London’s vibrant, lively pace. There was a thick mist in the air as we emerged onto the busy streets, not enough to bring down the spirits of the people wandering around there, but enough to give the night a mysterious feel and make the sky twinkle a bit.

Leicester Christmas Market and Beyond: Exploring London's Festive Streets

We took a moment to gather our thoughts and get our bearings amidst the chaos and huddled together in a small corner. People were moving with purpose and hurrying in every direction, creating a tangle of movement. It was an overpowering and thrilling dance of city life.

We exhaled deeply and moved out from our corner, eager to embrace the adventure. It felt like we were plunging headfirst into the colorful heart of festive London as we started to make our way through the busy streets towards the Leicester Christmas market. My history and present, the known and the unknown, all came together on this fascinating adventure.

A McDonald’s glowing in the darkness drew my attention, a familiar image amidst all the strange sights and sounds. In the middle of a sea of unfamiliar things, this tiny bit of home provided a brief sense of comfort. This surprise beacon gave me a sense of stability and a moment’s solace while I worked up the guts to venture farther into the unknown.

First Glimpse of the Leicester Christmas Market

There we were, sitting in McDonald’s, munching on some familiar bites and a couple of neat global twists they had on the menu. All the while, we had this perfect view of the Leicester Christmas market just outside. It was like peeking into a different world from our little fast-food oasis. The entrance to the market was this warm beacon of light and energy in the misty evening. It was buzzing with people and excitement, but also had this touch of mystery that made you want to lean in closer.

Overcoming Hesitation

From where we sat, the entrance looked like it was swamped with people. It reminded me of those crowded events in Chicago or the lines at Disney World, where you could stand for what felt like forever. We huddled up, sort of sizing up the situation. But the more we watched, the more I realized it was all flowing smoothly. People weren’t stuck in line; they were just getting their bags checked before heading in. Knowing that, I felt this wave of relief. Any hesitation I had started to melt away, and I could feel this buzz of excitement building up. We were ready to jump into the festive spirit of the market, ready to see, smell, and experience it all.

Exploring the Leicester Christmas Market

This spur-of-the-moment decision landed us smack in the middle of one of London’s most bustling and vibrant spots, especially recommended for the iconic London Christmas light walks. Picture this: just hours off a 9-hour flight, stepping into a world of festive wonders.

Our senses were immediately overwhelmed by the joyous atmosphere as soon as we entered the area. The aromas of delicious delights filled the air, indulging the senses in an enjoyable assault. I couldn’t shake an overwhelming feeling of regret for our earlier visit to McDonald’s. 

Each step revealed another tantalizing option, from sizzling bratwursts to the comforting warmth of mulled wine, making me wish we had arrived with empty stomachs to indulge in these festive delicacies.

The market, with its free entry, was like a treasure trove of festive joy. It was a kaleidoscope of sights and sounds, a lively buzz of holiday spirit. There was more to it than just food, though. Stalls lined up like little beacons of warmth and color, selling everything from cozy scarves and hats to gloves. I remember thinking, ‘If you’ve arrived unprepared for London’s nippy evenings, this is the place to gear up.’ We passed on these, not needing them beyond the night, but it was comforting to know they were there.

Wandering further, we came across stalls displaying an array of jewelry and handcrafted goods – perfect for picking up unique souvenirs or thoughtful presents. And the chocolate assortment was an absolute treat for anyone with a sweet tooth. Chocolates in every shape and size beckoned, offering to satisfy even the most intense chocolate cravings.

Amongst the merrymaking, I noticed that every one of these bavarian stalls had a unique narrative and touch. It was about the spirit of the season and everyone’s happiness, not just the products they sold. This was a celebration of light, warmth, and connection rather than just a market; it was the essence of the spirit of Christmas.

In the midst of exploring, a particular stall caught my attention with its impressive array of drinks. While I was absorbed in surveying the choices, I unintentionally edged too close to a guard stationed near the entrance, one of those tasked with the all-important job of bag checking. He must have noticed my curious gaze, as he suddenly turned to ask if I had just arrived.

When I responded, his reaction was unexpected and a bit amusing. “Oh, I love that accent,” he said with a smile, then glanced at my wedding ring and added with a friendly nod, “and I see that wedding ring, have a nice night.” For a moment, I stood there, a bit taken aback. It’s funny how traveling throws these little moments at you. There I was, in the heart of London, and he thought I was the one with the accent! I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself. It was a light-hearted reminder of how travel often flips our perspectives, making us the ‘accented’ ones in a land of different voices.

This brief, amusing interaction added another layer to the evening’s experiences. It wasn’t just the sights, the sounds, and the smells that made our visit to the Christmas market memorable – it was also these small, unexpected exchanges with locals, offering a glimpse into the friendly and diverse spirit of London.

The entire atmosphere of the Leicester Christmas Market was like stepping into a Christmas card scene. It was a tapestry of festive lights, cheerful decorations, joyous music, and the hustle and bustle of people all around, each person wrapped up in their own little bubble of holiday cheer.

Personal Highlights

Next, we happened to stumble into the center of Chinatown, which is only a short distance from Leicester market. What a refreshing change of pace! It felt as though I had entered an entirely novel, festive vibe. These amazing carriage rides with their flashing lights and upbeat music were electrifying the streets. They made you want to dance. It was unlike anything I had ever seen. It was a little difficult to make your way through the congestion because there was always something new to see or celebrate around every turn, especially under those iconic hanging lanterns.

Then, we found ourselves on a mini-version of the famous Christmas walks. Starting from Leicester Square, we meandered our way through to Piccadilly Circus. The whole journey was like walking under a starry sky, but instead of stars, it was this magnificent canopy of huge angels on Regent Street. It was breathtaking, really.

Our little adventure continued with a quick detour down Burlington Arcade. That place has a charm of its own, with its elegant shops all glammed up for the holidays. Then we sauntered past Fortnum & Mason, which had this massive Advent calendar display that made you feel like a kid all over again.

Looking back, another cool thing we could’ve done was join the London Festive Lights Food Hunt. Imagine taking a leisurely stroll along those picturesque streets, passing by all of the beautiful light displays, and stopping at various merchants to pick up some delicious treats or hot drinks. It’s the ideal way to experience London’s holiday cheer—like a food and light merry-go-round.

Every step of this walk was a treat for the senses. From the vibrant colors of Chinatown to the grandeur of Regent Street’s angels, it was a whirlwind of holiday joy. And let’s not forget the food possibilities – that’s something I’d definitely keep in mind for the next visit!

Leicester Christmas Market and Beyond: Exploring London's Festive Streets

Tips for Visitors

Being in the center of the festivities has a certain appeal. Yes, it’s enjoyable, but it could feel a little excessive if it’s your first night in London. My recommendation? Visit these locations early in the day. It’s a bit calmer then, and you can orient yourself without the intense evening rush. It’s far nicer to ease into a warm bath rather than diving into a chilly pool, especially while you’re still getting over jet lag.

Hey, remember to have a look at the weather report. It’s always a good idea to be prepared because rain and London are old friends. Bring a raincoat or an umbrella, depending on what will keep you warm. A little rain shouldn’t deter you. After all, there’s something pretty magical about London in the rain, especially with all those Christmas lights. Just come prepared, and you’ll be all set to enjoy the festivities, come rain or shine.

More Family Fun in the Heart of London::

  • The Natural History Museum – Okay, so you’ve got to check out this place. It’s super close to Leicester Square and it’s like walking into a Jurassic Park set – complete with awesome dinosaurs. The kids will love it, and let’s be honest, so will you!
  • Covent Garden – Just a short walk from Leicester, Covent Garden is all kinds of fun. Street performers, cool shops, and yummy eats – it’s a hit for everyone.
  • The London Transport Museum – Right in the heart of Covent Garden, this place is a total win for anyone who’s mad about buses and trains. Plus, it’s interactive, so they can actually get their hands on stuff!
  • Trafalgar Square – A quick walk and bam, you’re in Trafalgar Square. It has these massive lion statues the kids can gawk at, and there’s always some fun street act going on. It’s a great spot for a quick selfie too!
  • Sea Life London Aquarium – Hop on the Tube for a bit and you’ll hit this amazing aquarium by the Thames. It’s like diving into Finding Nemo, but you stay dry.
  • The Science Museum – A little ride to South Kensington and you’re in science heaven. This museum’s got all the cool, hands-on stuff that makes learning a blast. Honestly, you might have as much fun as the kids!
  • Hamleys Toy Store – You can’t miss Hamleys when you’re near Leicester Square. It’s like toy paradise spread over seven floors. Warning: you might end up playing with the toys more than the kids!
  • The British Museum – It’s a bit of a ride away, but totally worth it. Think mummies, ancient treasures, and really old stuff that’s super cool.
  • Regent’s Park and London Zoo – Fancy a bit of green and some animal friends? Regent’s Park is perfect. Lay out a picnic, chill, and then hit the zoo to see some furry pals.
  • Madame Tussauds London – Near Baker Street and just a Tube ride from Leicester Square, Madame Tussauds is where you rub shoulders with wax celebs. Strike a pose with your favorite star – it’s a laugh and great for some fun photos!

There you go – a day jam-packed with fun, laughs, and loads of cool stuff to do. London’s got the whole package for a fab family day out!

Leicester Christmas Market and Beyond: Exploring London's Festive Streets

Final Thoughts

Once we shook off that initial overwhelm and really got into the swing of things, this whole experience turned into the highlight of our London stopover. It was just the right mix of sticking to our budget while still getting that authentic, local vibe. You know, being out there with both Londoners and fellow tourists, all soaking up what makes Christmas in this city so magical – it felt like we were part of something special.

Christmas in London should unquestionably be at the top of anyone’s list of places to see Christmas markets. It has everything you’d want for a trip with the family, a fun getaway with the girls, or even a solo excursion. It’s pretty easy to navigate, and there’s something enjoyably empowering about seeing London on your own. However, just so you know, if you’re an American like me, don’t be shocked if someone remarks on your accent. It adds to the charm!

I’d recommend planning a visit for late November. It’s a sweet spot when you can catch all the festive fun before the real rush starts. It’s also more affordable to stay close to the airport, which is far more convenient than you may imagine. All in all, it’s an excellent way to start the holidays, and I’m already considering doing it again next year.

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