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Hi there, I’m Portia, a homeschooling mom who’s on a mission to inspire and guide families in their travel adventures. I have a deep passion for exploring the world, and as a family, we have been fortunate enough to visit some of the most beautiful destinations, from cruising to road trips.

I started this journey to share our favorite itineraries, top tips, and must-do experiences to create unforgettable moments while discovering the wonders of nature and history. Whether you’re planning a relaxing beach vacation or an educational trip, my goal is to help your family make the most out of your travels while creating beautiful memories that last a lifetime.

Mt. Diablo

Our family includes my husband of 28 years and our five children.  But mostly, you’ll find photos of where we wander with our youngest 2 adventurers, Parker & Piper (Often lovingly referred to as mini-me or the little one).

Welcome to our family’s travel world!

We’re all about affordable adventure and making lasting memories together. Our passion for exploring nature takes us on hikes, strolls through parks, and adventures in the great outdoors.

We’re always on the lookout for amazing deals and free activities that don’t break the bank. We love to share our insider tips and tricks for finding the best value accommodations, whether it’s a suite at a mid-range hotel or a luxurious vacation rental. Join us on our journey as we discover new destinations, make amazing memories, and inspire you to explore the world with your own family.

7 Things We Do To Make Travel Easier, Cheaper, or Better

  • We go with the flow. We travel when the travel price is right.  I look for what’s on sale and then see if I can make it work, starting with flight price alerts and budget airlines.
  • I book hotels in advance as soon as I have the flight details arranged, if it’s booked too late, prices usually increase as the date gets closer but that’s not set in stone either.
  • We use our loyalty programs and rewards, religiously. That means freebies!
  • We drive to most things under 6 hours in travel time and walk as much as possible once we arrive.
  • I look for attractions starting with lowest price, hopefully free first. Then, I carefully plan the “can’t miss” splurges.
  • Memberships – they make it easy to visit more for free wherever you go.
  • Always carry baby wipes and sunglasses, I don’t know how you’re living without those 2 things.


We know how important it is to save money so we can have more to spend on the things we love. Here are our favorite travel resources for saving money and planning your trips.

Booking Flights: To compare flights and set price alerts, search on Google Flightsor Momondo

Accommodations: We typically stay in mid-range or boutique hotels with loyalty programs.  That way we earn ourselves free stays to help extend our vacations and getaways for free.  Learn more about earning your free stays here.  For vacation rentals, we prefer to book using VRBO (for the lower fees and better support than Airbnb, sorry, we’re not big fans of the alternative) You can also book vacation rentals on Hotels.com

Travel Insurance: We feel pretty strongly about this, travel insurance is a MUST for international trips, and if you still aren’t sure why, check out our Travel Horror Stories. We recommend comparing your options with Squaremouth , learn more here

Local Attractions:  We utilize memberships to help us see more when we travel. NARM members get free or discounted access to reciprocal member Art museums, Arboretums, Historic Sites, and Nature Centers throughout North America. AHS reciprocal membership includes gardens throughout the U.S. and Canada. ASTC membership gives reciprocal access to Science Centers and Museums. America the Beautiful National Parks Pass allows entry into National Parks for $80 annually.  You could spend less than $300 for all 4 memberships depending on your local museums and have access to hundreds of museums, parks, and gardens.  Memberships often pop up on Groupon so always look there first.
Save more with loyalty programs, read how to get more free flights and hotels here.

Professionally Speaking As a Florida Travel Agent…

side buddha with people on stairs

I’ve spent nearly two decades crafting the perfect getaways for my family and friends. From my early days as a reservationist to my more recent career endeavors, travel has always been a constant for me. There’s just something magical about exploring new places with the people you care about most.

Even before I could afford to buy a postcard, I was dreaming of far-off destinations and adventures. And now, I’m thrilled to share that same excitement with others. As a travel expert, I specialize in making once-impossible experiences a reality.

Even before I could afford to buy a postcard, I was dreaming of far-off destinations and adventures. And now, I’m thrilled to share that same excitement with others. As a travel expert, I specialize in making once-impossible experiences a reality.

Whether you’re setting sail for the Caribbean or planning a magical trip to Disney World, I’ve got you covered. And when it comes to Florida, I know all the hidden gems that make it truly special.

As a passionate advocate for affordable travel, I know firsthand the incredible value that comes from exploring new places with your loved ones. There’s no feeling quite like the rush of seeing an iconic landmark for the first time – especially when you’re sharing that moment with the people closest to you.

So whether you’re looking to travel near or far, don’t hesitate to reach out. As a travel agent, I’m here to help you make your travel dreams a reality – without any extra cost to you.

16 Unique Things to Do in Florida

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Your next adventure starts right here.

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