Travel inspiration so you can wander too.

Amazing Places & Beautiful Spaces – Reasons to Wander

Hey Wanderer!

Welcome to our family travel blog where you can see how to make the most of your time in a place, whether you’re there for a day or a week. You can follow in my footsteps or take away travel ideas for formulating your plan based on my research and ideas.

Most of the things you can do are free or very affordable local attractions. Save with discounts or loyalty points programs and memberships or enjoy all the freebies your travel destination has to offer. Most importantly, I specialize in multi-generational family travel and enjoy planning itineraries that make it fun for all ages. Flexibility is a must in order to take advantage of luxuries to be found for less.

Let the photos inspire you to wander and visit these beautiful places for yourself. Or live vicariously and simply enjoy the view. Travel to interesting places, amazing spaces, and leave no traces.

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