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All photos have been taken by me and hopefully inspire you to visit for yourself. Or I invite you to live vicariously and simply enjoy the view. Visit interesting places, amazing spaces, and leave no traces.

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Making time count with the ones we love is foremost. Most of the things we do are free or very affordable. I’ll share with you how to save or enjoy all the freebies any given place has to offer. Most importantly, I travel with my family so it’s usually fun for all ages. At times, I might focus on a little luxury or something completely child centered.

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I will share with you how I make the most of my time in a place, whether I’m there for a day or a week. You can follow in my footsteps, piece together a plan that works for you, or take away ideas for formulating your own plan based on my research and ideas.


We’re all unique. Our needs and desires are the same yet diverse.  This site is about inspiring you to learn something new, to experience something different, or to just live vicariously in wanderment through us.