From Nice to Eze

From the moment I read about the exotic gardens of Eze perched above a medieval town overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, I knew I had to dedicate at least one day to being there.  Eze is truly amazing, a breathtaking beauty worth every step to the top.

It’s hard navigating in other countries but the most remarkable part is that you somehow manage because of the hospitality and genuine kindness of other people.  Some speak your language, some are patient with your attempts to speak theirs, and many will assist you regardless.

The great thing about the French Riviera is that it’s very English speaker friendly.  It almost felt like home. This is our story of how we journeyed from Nice to Eze, it wasn’t easy, and we wore ourselves out that day but had an extraordinary experience that remains unforgettable.

Nice to Eze
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Nice Morning

We started out from our hotel in Nice – La Malmaison Nice by first wandering around Old Nice a bit. 

This 4-star boutique hotel in Nice, France has a certificate of Excellence on Tripadvisor and scores high with travelers for location, cleanliness, and service.  I couldn’t agree more, we had an excellent stay in comfortable rooms at a good location within walking distance of everything. 

Hotels in Nice

La Malmaison Stairs
La Malmaison Triple Room
La Malmaison View

Molinard Nice

Our first stop was at Molinard Nice where the kids and I each made our own perfumes.  This was truly an entertaining and educational experience for the little ones. They were patient and helped them figure out 3 scents they really liked the most.

Hers was chocolate and vanilla mostly, like a sweet candy which makes complete sense. His was more like “cool” water.

They give you the combination you made so you can re-order it, which is a good thing because I am almost out.

Heading to Nice and want to try this experience? Click here to book.

Molinard kids
Molinard perfume
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Next stop in Nice: Emilie & the Cool Kids.

Emilie’s is really cozy and all the yum!

From the cappucino to the cookies, this was the perfect spot.

Nutella Cappucino

Definitely wished we had spent more time at the market we passed and picked up some soaps and herbs at the very least.

That is on my To-Do list next time – Marché aux Fleurs Cours Saleya.


After wandering much further than planned to include some up and down adventures to nowhere. 

Nice stairs
Nice Walk


We finally attempted to continue on to Eze.  This was not without a nice series of mishaps including having to walk further than expected in order to catch the next bus, yet we walked up just in time to miss it. 

We, then, opted to try Uber, only to have the first driver tell us we needed a car seat for our 5yo and refused to take us.  The second driver said we did not need a car seat and gladly took us.  He even offered to return to pick us up as well. 

It turns out that yes, she should’ve been in a booster seat. The law says under 36kg should be in a booster seat, so both children should’ve been in one.  Live and learn, right?  Note to self.  Get a clear understanding of car seat laws before you visit anywhere.

Uber ride

The drive was short and captivating but not scary at all.  For me, the drive down on the other hand was a different experience, highly memorable, also.  Once you arrive, you must hike up from the drop off point at Eze.  Again, it’s so very worth it. 

As you enter the stone streets and narrow passages, you see a mix of modern luxuries fortified with medieval remnants.  Café’s and shops give you a reason to slow down and enjoy everything this village has to offer from the top to the bottom. 

See more photos of Nice and Eze.

I found some of my favorite souvenirs here and wished I had bought so many others I passed.  From rose petal shaped soaps to mandarin liquor, there was something delightful in every opening.

We took the bus back down to the train and continued to Monaco only to realize that we were wiped out.  After a short walk around, we headed back to Nice.  It was only fitting that our final day in France was spent wandering. 

12 Travel Hacks So You Travel Well

Eze Train Station

Back to Nice

Our final French meal was at Franchin in Nice, the perfect ending to some well-planned wandering.

From left to right: Cheese plate, Foie gras, Steak, Fish, Classic French Rum Baba.

Cheese plate
Foie Gras
Franchin Restaurant


French Riviera Pass

Gives you free access to sites, tours, and tastings with an option for a bus/tramway transport pass as well.

Au Pays De Mandarine

Tangerine liquer, limoncello, olive oil, and more.  Be sure to try the signature Tangerine Canardise de Menton, it is described as an eye-opening sugar cube and that’s the truth!

Can’t go to Eze? – DIY your own orange liqueur.

How about some DIY limoncello?

Homemade Triple Sec?

Want more? Take a virtual tour of Eze!

A 5 star boutique hotel Chateau Eza

Enjoy a virtual visit of the other 5 star hotel Le Chevre D’Or

Virtual tour of the gardens of Eze

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Zack L
2 months ago

Those are some absolutely gorgeous photos. Nice seems like a great place to getaway in France.