Hurghada All-Inclusive Hotels: Choosing the Perfect Hotel/Resort for Your Family

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Tucked away by the Red Sea, Hurghada feels like a secret whispered across the ages, where the sands still sing of ancient stories and the waters invite adventurers, young and old, to come play in their azure depths. Here, families on the lookout for that perfect mix of adventure and chill have a big decision on their hands: picking the right Hurghada all-inclusive hotel or resort to call home base.

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It’s like choosing the key to unlock the very best of an Egyptian escapade. In the heart of Hurghada, Steigenberger Aqua Magic, Beach Albatros, the Club, and Sunrise Garden Beach Resort shine bright as top picks, each crafting their own special magic for families and off-the-beaten-track adventurers.

steigenberger aqua magic pool morning sunrise view

Crafting Memories at Steigenberger Aqua Magic

Imagine you and the kids zooming down water slides, happily bouncing off the water and into the sunny sky, right at the heart of Steigenberger Aqua Magic. It feels like a world where fun knows no bounds, and every turn brings a new adventure. Perfect for families itching for a bit of thrill and spills, there’s a water park that’s a hit with daredevils of all sizes, guaranteeing smiles all day long.

But hey, there’s more to it than just the water fun. They have this awesome kids’ club that’s a magnet for little adventurers, making sure everyone in the family finds their happy place.

And let’s talk about the food because, oh, the culinary ride here is something else! With a spread that’s as wide as the kids’ smiles, meal times are more than just eating; they’re a key part of the whole adventure.

Plus, the resort’s practically a stone’s throw from all the cool spots in Hurghada. Whether you’re up for exploring the lively markets or soaking in the tranquil desert vibes, Steigenberger Aqua Magic is the perfect launchpad to all the wonders around.

Key Takeaways:

  • Family-Friendly Waterpark: A paradise for water lovers with thrilling slides and pools.
  • Diverse Dining Options: Catering to various tastes and dietary needs, ensuring enjoyable meal times for everyone.
  • Proximity to Attractions: Ideal base for exploring Hurghada’s lively markets and serene desert landscapes.


  • Busy Atmosphere: Some families find the resort too busy, especially during peak seasons, which can detract from a peaceful vacation experience.
  • Room Quality Variability: Reports of inconsistent room maintenance and cleanliness can be a concern, highlighting the importance of timely feedback to management.
  • Limited Beach Access: Given its focus on pool-based activities, the beach area may not meet the expectations of those dreaming of vast, serene beachfronts. There’s also the issue of getting to it as it is a short distance away.
pirate ship aqua park

Our Personal Experience at Steigenberger Aqua Magic

Our journey to Hurghada began with a late-night arrival at 1am, thanks to our evening flight from Istanbul. This timing allowed us an extra day of exploration in Istanbul but also meant we’d be booking our Hurghada hotel for an additional night to ensure our accommodation upon landing.

To smooth our arrival, I reached out to the hotel in advance, making sure they were aware of our late check-in. Not wanting to leave anything to chance, especially with our sleeping arrangements, I also arranged our airport transfer through the hotel, opting for what was described as a “limo” service.

Arriving in Hurghada under the cover of night was an experience filled with curiosity, especially noticing the local habit of driving without headlights, relying instead on moonlight. This cultural nuance was both intriguing and a bit bewildering at first.

A Little Tip: The $35 “limo” service turned out to be a standard sedan, a tight squeeze for us and our luggage. For those needing more space, I’d recommend booking a minivan taxi through a service like for a more comfortable fit.

Upon reaching the hotel, we were greeted with exceptional hospitality. Despite the late hour, the staff welcomed us warmly and even provided sandwiches for a late-night snack in our room—a thoughtful touch that was much appreciated. Additionally, we were delighted to receive discount coupons for nearby amenities, which proved invaluable. We especially enjoyed dining at the White Elephant – Thai Restaurant along the promenade, a must-visit for any family staying in the area.

Our room, a Family Junior Suite, was spacious and perfectly suited for our family of four, featuring a king-sized bed, a living area with two sofa beds, and a grand marble shower in the bathroom. The balcony, overlooking the pirate ship-themed kids’ pool, was a delightful bonus. Remember, if a balcony is a must-have for you, be sure to book a room that includes one to avoid relying on the chance of an upgrade.

The hotel grounds were stunning, with a picturesque walk to the beach that took less than 10 minutes. The journey to the beach involved exiting the resort through a secure entry, crossing the street, and entering the Steigenberger Aldau Beach Resort grounds, where beach access awaited us. I highly recommend taking a sunrise walk to witness the spectacular sight of the sun rising over the Red Sea.

Dining at the resort, we learned that stays under five days limit guests to buffet dining only, with no option for reservations at the à la carte restaurants. However, the buffets, particularly Magic Flavors in the main building, offered a diverse and tasty selection that left us satisfied. Additional amenities like room service and golf, among others, were available for an extra fee. It’s also worth noting the occurrence of daily rolling blackouts during our stay.

The resort’s entertainment offerings, including a lively foam party at the pool and fun with inflatables, were highlights for the kids, though the entertainment skewed a bit from an American perspective.

Despite these minor inconveniences, our time in Hurghada was genuinely enjoyable. The resort’s ambiance, coupled with its location and the added perks like dining discounts, made our visit memorable. Exploring the nearby stores, taking long walks around the beautifully maintained grounds, and experiencing some of the most beautiful sunrises I’ve ever seen were highlights of our stay. The Magic Souk was a treasure trove where I found delicious teas to bring home.

In summary, our brief sojourn in Hurghada was filled with beauty, adventure, and the kind of family moments that make traveling together so special. The allure of the resort and its surroundings, enhanced by thoughtful touches like discount coupons and unique dining experiences, has us already dreaming of a return visit.

beach albatros red sea view

Beach Albatros, the Club: A Multi-Generational Retreat

You know, there’s something special about Beach Albatros, the Club—it’s like a bridge across time, connecting generations with its timeless charm. Right here, against the calm of the Red Sea, wrapped in the famous Egyptian warmth, families find the perfect spot to just be together, creating those memories that last a lifetime.

It’s all about bringing everyone together, from the youngest to the oldest. The rooms? Spacious enough to stretch out and let the sea breeze in, making it a peaceful haven for grandparents. And for the kiddos, there’s a whole world of fun waiting with activities that’ll have them talking about this vacation for years.

The food’s a whole adventure on its own. Whether you’re all about trying every local dish or you’ve got specific needs, they’ve got you covered. Meals here aren’t just about eating; they’re about sharing stories, laughs, and maybe even planning the next day’s adventure.

Speaking of adventures, stepping out from Beach Albatros, the Club, you’re right there, ready to dive into Hurghada’s rich tapestry of history and culture. It’s like the resort’s your family’s cozy base camp for all sorts of explorations, from ancient ruins to bustling markets.

Key Takeaways:

  • Multi-Generational Appeal: Offers tranquil settings and spacious accommodations suitable for all family members.
  • Culinary Journey: A wide range of dining experiences to suit all age groups.
  • Cultural and Historical Access: Easy access to Hurghada’s rich tapestry of history and culture.


  • Entertainment Variety: Some guests feel the entertainment options, especially in the evenings, could be more varied to cater to all family members.
  • Beach Crowding: The beach area, while beautiful, can become crowded, potentially impacting the serenity of your seaside experience.
  • Service Inconsistency: Instances of inconsistent service levels have been noted, suggesting the importance of clear communication with the resort staff regarding your needs.

Our Mixed Experience in at Beach Albatros, the Club: A Personal Reflection

One sunny afternoon in late November, our voyage led us from the historical depths of Luxor back to the warm shores of Hurghada. The warmth of the welcome was evident from the moment we arrived. The general manager gave us gold bands and his direct WhatsApp contact, which seemed distinctive to us. He also referred to us as his VIPs, though it was unclear why we were receiving such special treatment. 

The initial hospitality was refreshing, complete with a welcome drink that set a positive tone. However, as we settled into our stay, the experience began to shift. Our room stood out as a highlight, boasting an expansive closet, a dedicated kids’ room with twin beds, and a stunning bathroom. The balcony offered an intriguing view of the pool, adding to the room’s appeal.

Culinary-wise, the food was a delight, but in order to make reservations, I had to message the manager through whats app.  We eagerly explored the variety of dining options available as we could. Yet, our encounters at the coffee bar in the main building were less than welcoming, a stark contrast to the exceptional service we received from Zakria by the kids’ pool and Ahmed at the other pool bar, both of whom went above and beyond in their hospitality.

It was here, amidst the sun and the pools, that I first sensed our distinctiveness as the only Americans, often referred to as “The American”—a label that perhaps explained the gold bands.

The nightly entertainment offered mixed experiences. Our first attempt to enjoy it was thwarted by misinformation about its location, leaving us without seats. The second night’s dancing show, however, was thoroughly enjoyable.

Tip: For those seeking a quieter breakfast scene, the kids’ area upstairs is surprisingly serene during the morning rush.

Yet, it was the unwelcome stares from other guests that marred our stay the most. As an African-American woman traveling with a multi-racial family, I’ve navigated various reactions during our travels, but the intensity of discomfort I felt here was unparalleled. The stares ranged from curious to unsettling, making me feel conspicuously out of place.

Adding to our challenges, the kids’ club and pool slide restrictions presented unexpected limitations for our children, who, being older than 7, found the club’s offerings too juvenile and the pool slide access too restrictive. This left them in a bit of a limbo, seeking other sources of entertainment.

Upon checkout, when prompted for a review, I hesitantly rated our stay a 9. This, however, did not satisfy the manager, who pressured me to amend it to a perfect score. His persistence followed me even after departure, leading me to cease communication through WhatsApp.

Reflecting on our stay, I find it difficult to recommend this experience to others who, like me, may stand out for their uniqueness. The discomfort and the pressure to conform to a more favorable review left a lasting impression. It’s rare for me to feel so alienated, and it’s a sentiment I hope others can avoid. 

My experiences, diverse as they are, shape my perspectives, and in this instance, they guide me to seek and recommend environments that celebrate, rather than scrutinize, diversity.

family suite balcony beach view

Sunrise Garden Beach Resort: A TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Hurghada All-Inclusive

If your family’s got that itch for adventure, that urge to see what’s beyond the usual tourist spots, then Sunrise Garden Beach Resort is like finding an old, hidden map that leads to treasures unknown. This place? It’s not just about kicking back in luxury (though there’s plenty of that); it’s about launching into all the cool, secret spots Hurghada has tucked away.

Think about it: one day you could be diving beneath the waves of the Red Sea, getting up close with incredible marine life, and the next, you’re out on a safari, exploring the vastness of the desert. It’s like the resort is your family’s own secret base for every kind of adventure you can dream up.

And when it comes to eating, get ready for a journey of flavors that’ll take you from the depths of the sea to the heart of the desert without leaving your table. The variety’s mind-blowing, making every meal an exploration in itself.

After a full day of adventuring, there’s nothing like coming back to a place that’s all about calm and comfort. Tucked away from all the noise, Sunrise Garden Beach Resort is that chill spot where your family can really relax and soak in all the day’s experiences. It’s the perfect balance – a splash of adventure with a peaceful home base to recharge.

family suite balcony views

family suite balcony views

Key Takeaways:

  • Adventure Launchpad: Both on-site and off-site adventures cater to explorers at heart.
  • Dining Diversity: Promises an exciting culinary adventure for families with its wide variety of flavors.
  • Secluded Serenity: Offers a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of central Hurghada.


  • Isolation from Central Hurghada: The resort’s location, while serene, means more travel time to visit central Hurghada’s attractions.
  • Limited Nightlife: Families looking for more vibrant nightlife might find the evening offerings a bit subdued.
  • Reservation Requirements: Some activities and dining experiences require reservations, which can be a hurdle for families seeking spontaneity.

A Refreshing Turn at Sunrise Garden Beach Resort

Transitioning from one resort to another mid-vacation can stir up a mix of emotions—curiosity, anticipation, and a hint of apprehension. After leaving behind a less-than-ideal experience, we approached Sunrise Garden Beach Resort with cautious optimism, unsure of what our final days in Egypt might hold.

Upon arrival, we navigated the standard security protocols—metal detectors and guards, a reassuring presence at every resort. The warm welcome we received, complete with refreshing welcome drinks, immediately eased our unease.

Arriving earlier than planned, our check-in was not immediate, prompting a brief wait. However, we were graciously invited to enjoy lunch at the main buffet, a gesture that was much appreciated. Post-lunch, a golf cart chariot awaited to escort us to our room, offering a first glimpse of the resort’s expansive grounds. Spanning two properties, the resort boasted an impressive array of amenities—over a dozen restaurants, multiple pools, waterparks, and beach access points, making it the most extensive of our three stays in Hurghada.

Our family suite in building 15, with its stunning beachfront views, was a delightful surprise. The suite, spacious and well-appointed, featured a king bedroom and bath connected to a twin-bedded kids’ room with its own bath, providing ample space and privacy for our family.

The service throughout our stay was exceptional, from the moment we were whisked to our room to our departure. Our room attendant was notably attentive and friendly, ensuring we had ample water daily and even surprising us with an extraordinary elephant towel animal one day—a delightful touch that added to the charm of our stay.

Dining at Sunrise Garden Beach Resort was a culinary journey, with diverse offerings from the traditional Egyptian fare at Gamila Restaurant to the unique flavors at the Mongolian grill. While the Mexican cuisine at Frida (in the sister resort Mamlouk Palace) didn’t quite hit the mark for us, a visit to Yades Greek at the nearby Crystal Bay resort offered a delicious foray into Greek cuisine, well worth the additional but affordable fee.

Greek restaurant

Exploring both properties was an adventure in itself, with the garden bridges on the Mamlouk Palace side providing a picturesque stroll. The resort’s app was another standout feature, streamlining the reservation process for dining each evening. My only wish was for the entertainment options to be as easily accessible and visible within the app.

Although we didn’t immerse ourselves in the resort’s entertainment offerings, the daily sighting of the resident camel added a touch of whimsy to our stay. The early December waters were too chilly for a dip, and a note for the early risers and topless sunbathers: discretion is advised, as balconies offer a panoramic view of the surroundings.

The aqua park was a highlight, with an array of slides to enjoy during the operational hours in the off-season. Yet, it was the rooftop lounge that captured my heart, offering serene views and a peaceful retreat.

garden beach resort rooftop lounge

Our stay at Sunrise Garden Beach Resort was the serendipitous conclusion to our Egyptian adventure, marking a stay that was as memorable as it was rejuvenating. While the kids’ club didn’t quite cater to the interests of older children, it was a minor detail in an otherwise splendid stay.

This resort, with its exceptional service, diverse dining, and abundant amenities, has earned a special place in our hearts, promising a return to its welcoming embrace.

sunrise garden beach resort map

Choosing from the Many Hurghada All-Inclusive Hotels or Resorts

In choosing between Steigenberger Aqua Magic, Beach Albatros, the Club, and Sunrise Garden Beach Resort, remember, your journey is shared with countless families, each with their own tales of discovery and delight. Whether your family seeks the thrill of water slides and diving adventures, the serene joy of beachfront relaxation, or the untold stories of desert excursions, Hurghada’s resorts open the doors to a world of possibilities.

Embrace the Adventure: Let your family’s interests guide your choice, knowing that each resort offers a unique portal to the wonders of Hurghada and beyond.

Forge Your Own Path: No matter which resort becomes your home away from home, the magic lies in the memories you’ll create, the adventures you’ll embark on, and the stories you’ll bring back.

Practical Steps for an Informed Decision:

  • Dive Deep into Reviews: Look for detailed reviews that mention recent stays, focusing on families with similar needs and interests as yours.
  • Contact the Resort Pre-Booking: Use this opportunity to ask about any specifics that concern you, from room locations to activity availability.
  • Plan with Flexibility: Consider the timing of your visit to avoid peak season crowds or to align with specific experiences you want to have.

Here are some tips and considerations to help you choose a resort that aligns with your family’s needs, inspired by what I’ve found to be ideal:

Look for Comprehensive Resort Apps

  • What to Expect: An intuitive app that consolidates entertainment schedules, dining options, room service orders, and direct communication with management or housekeeping. This digital convenience, akin to what companies like Virgin Voyages offer, can streamline your stay, making it easy to plan your days and nights.
  • Tip: Before booking, check if the resort offers an app and explore its features. Look for reviews or mentions of the app’s functionality in guest feedback to ensure it meets your expectations.

Activities for All Ages

  • What to Expect: Resorts that understand family dynamics often offer a range of activities catering to different age groups. For families with older children, the availability of games, crafts, and self-led activities can be a game-changer.
  • Tip: Inquire about the resort’s activity schedule and specifically ask about options for older kids. If the resort offers “activity kits” or similar amenities, it’s a good sign they’re thinking about guests of all ages.

Flexible Dining Options

  • What to Expect: The requirement of a 5-night minimum stay to book a la carte restaurants can be limiting. Ideally, resorts should offer flexibility in dining reservations to accommodate shorter stays.
  • Tip: Look for resorts that provide a variety of dining experiences without restrictive policies. Reading recent guest reviews can give insight into how flexible the resort is with dining arrangements.

Spacious Family Accommodations

  • What to Expect: True family suites with separate rooms for kids, rather than just additional beds in a single room, can make a significant difference in comfort and privacy.
  • Tip: When researching resorts, specifically look for the term “family suite” and check the room descriptions or floor plans to ensure they offer separate sleeping areas for children.

Personal Experience: Sunrise Garden Beach Resort

  • Reflection: Sunrise Garden Beach Resort came impressively close to ticking all the boxes on my ideal resort list. Their approach to family accommodations, activity offerings, and the potential use of technology for guest convenience set a high standard.
  • Tip for Others: While no resort may be perfect, identifying what matters most to your family can help narrow down the options. Don’t hesitate to contact the resort directly to ask specific questions about their amenities and services. This direct communication can also give you a sense of their customer service approach.

By prioritizing these aspects and doing a bit of research, you can find a resort that not only meets but exceeds your family’s vacation expectations, making for a memorable and hassle-free getaway.

I love Hurghada sign at night

The Takeaway From Staying at 3 Top Hurgada All-Inclusive Resorts

In Hurghada, every resort we stepped into was like opening a new chapter of our family adventure, each with its own mix of sunshine-filled moments and a few shadows here and there. From the surprise VIP welcome and spacious digs at Sunrise Garden Beach Resort to the top-notch eats and friendly faces at Steigenberger Aqua Magic, our days were painted with broad strokes of joy and little splashes of challenge. And sure, we hit a few bumps along the way, like figuring out where the older kids could have their fun or navigating some cultural differences, but isn’t that just part of the journey?

Choosing the perfect spot for your family’s Hurghada getaway isn’t about finding a place without any quirks. It’s more about finding that sweet spot where the good times shine so bright, the little stuff just fades into the background. It’s about picking a place that feels like your family’s vibe, where every laugh is louder and every moment a bit more magical.

Hurghada is this incredible crossroads of desert mystery and ocean magic, a place where ancient tales weave through today’s adventures, inviting your gang to jump into the story. Whether it’s the warm welcome at Steigenberger Aqua Magic, the beachfront beauty of Sunrise Garden Beach Resort, or another gem in this vibrant city, your family’s Egyptian chapter is just waiting to be written, packed with discovery, laughter, and those priceless moments of togetherness.

Here, where the sands of time meet the endless sea, your family gets to weave your own memories into Hurghada’s rich tapestry, finding not just a place to crash but a backdrop for adventure, a canvas for your memories, and a little slice of home where your hearts can all beat as one. So, what do you say? It’s time to dive right into Hurghada’s story and add your own tales of exploration, wonder, and family fun.

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