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Join Our Wanderlust Tribe at Occidental Papagayo: Embrace the Journey

Hey there, fellow wanderer! Dreaming of diving into an escapade where lush rainforests echo with life, volcanic giants touch the sky, and pristine beaches narrate history’s tales? We’re rallying a tribe of like-minded souls for another one of our sponsored trips. This time on a 3-7 day escapade to Occidental Papagayo, and we want YOU to be part of this extraordinary journey.

Occidental Papayago Oct. 2024

Are you ready to wander?

🌿 Into the Heart of the Rainforest

Imagine wandering through a canopy of green, where every leaf and creature has a story to tell. Our rainforest retreat is not just a walk; it’s a deep, immersive dive into the essence of nature. Here, you can reconnect, recharge, and rediscover the vibrant beat of the earth.

🌋 Witness the Majesty of Volcanoes

Feel the thrill of standing before the awe-inspiring beauty of volcanoes, where earth’s fiery heart meets the sky. It’s not just a view; it’s a moment that will etch itself in your heart, reminding you of the raw, untamed beauty of our planet.

🏖️ Surrender to Beach Bliss

Join us where the sand is golden, the waters are clear, and the horizon endless. Our beach days are for soulful soaks under the sun, laughter-filled kayaking adventures, and moments of blissful peace as you let the waves whisper their ancient tales.

🎨 Connect with Culture

Dive into the rich cultural mosaic of the region. Meet the guardians of traditions, explore vibrant markets, and create connections that go beyond the usual tourist trails. Every encounter is a bridge to understanding, a shared smile, a story exchanged.

🌟 Your Sanctuary Calls

At Occidental Papagayo, every detail caters to your journey of wellbeing:

  • Lodging Options: From snug escapes to lavish suites, find the perfect backdrop for your adventure.
  • Feast and Savor: Indulge in culinary journeys at our array of restaurants and bars. Each bite is a discovery.
  • Play and Explore: Whether it’s tennis, archery, or the gentle art of birdwatching, our activities are designed to enrich your stay.
  • Pools, Gym, and Zen: Find your bliss in our pools, keep active at the gym, and embrace tranquility in every corner.

Choose Your Adventure Nest:

  • Standard Retreat: Ideal for solo explorers or couples. Cozy, comfortable, and charming.
  • Deluxe Sanctuary: Spacious luxury for those who crave a touch more indulgence.
  • Royal Suite: The pinnacle of pampering, with stunning views and exquisite amenities.

This is more than a getaway; it’s a call to wander, to belong, to experience alongside fellow adventurers who share your passion for discovery and rejuvenation.

Ready to Claim Your Spot?

Secure your place in our tribe with just a $50 deposit per person today. Remember, airfare’s on you, but the adventure? That’s on us. Don’t miss out on this journey of a lifetime.

Pricing below is for 3 nights from Oct. 5 – Oct. 8th. You will be quoted the actual rate for the length of stay you want and confirmed prior to payment acceptance.

Room CategoryFrom Per PersonDescription
Deluxe633King-size bed or two queens, this cozy King-size bed or two queens, a private balcony or terrace, offering a serene view of the lush gardens.
Deluxe Bay View672With breathtaking views of the Culebra Bay, these rooms feature either a king-size bed or two queens.
Premium Level Luxury750Includes premium amenities and services, including a private lounge and restaurant.
Premium Level Junior Suite918Featuring a separate living area, king-size bed, and lavish bathroom.
Premium Level Master Suite1151This expansive suite boasts a living room, dining area, and a sumptuous king-size bed. The large terrace offers spectacular views, and exclusive Royal Level benefits.

Join us, and let’s wander where the wifi is weak but the connections are strong.

Happy Wandering…

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