Vinoy Mezzanine
10 Things to Love About the Vinoy
Another great stay and why you might enjoy it too.

There's more than an amazing pool at the Vinoy.

Entering the Vinoy is a lot like entering any other place with valet, not nearly as pretentious as I anticipated.  The first thing that stuck out to me was the sign that said, “No autographs and no pictures”.  I immediately (jokingly) texted my daughter and said “they think I’m famous”.  No worries, she quickly texted with a reply that easily brought me back down to mediocre status.  Have you ever heard someone’s laugh in their text? Well, I could hear hers.  Children just become even more awesome as adult children.

No Photos

Hmmmm, so, no photos?

Well, I wouldn’t want anyone to think I was taking photos of them, but, it really is a beautiful historic hotel. 

Vinoy Mezzanine

1. Pricing

Pricing on some nights can feel a bit intimidating, especially if you look for a room during peak season.  For lower rates, try Sunday – Thursday and you may happen across a great rate even in the middle of summer.  We scored a room for around $160, one of the lowest rates this summer.  Rates for the same week doubled on some nights, hence, playing with the days can work in your favor if you’re flexible.

2. Marchand's Bar & Grill

I really couldn’t understand the low ratings on Yelp.  I had a great time, so good in fact that we went for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! That never happens.  Never Ever.  Wesley and Pedro were both attentive, courteous, and gracious.  The food was delicious, and the drinks were very good.  By very good, I’m saying that they embodied the kind of flavor and kick that you look for in a well-prepared cocktail.


3. The Trolley

It’s practically right outside the door and a great way to get a free tour of St. Pete.  I’ve been there plenty of times but felt that I now have a little more knowledge of the downtown area.  Wesley from Marchand’s was the one who told me about it, I probably would’ve ignored it if it weren’t for him.

4. The View

St. Pete View

5. 1925 Menu

The Vinoy Marchand's1925 Menu Salmon

A 3 course meal for $19.25 and you can sign me up!  Yes, I considered that it would make me look cheap, but I am cheap (frugal, prudent, economical, or whatever else you want to call it) and I’ve made my peace with it.  Besides, that meant I could order more drinks.  Win. Win.

The menu was different than what we anticipated from the website menu but still good choices.  I was so in love with the salmon, it had incredible flavor and the asparagus (which I usually don’t like unless I make it at home) tasted like mine! OK, maybe even better than mine. 

The carrot cake was good but a bit large, we could’ve split the one piece instead.  Even if you do nothing else, go enjoy the 1925 menu.  You may even get one of the tables overlooking the valet and get to do some fun people watching.

Carrot Cake

6. The Perks

Breakfast Plate at The Vinoy

Free breakfast for Platinum Elite members (Ahem) and a $10 upgrade will get you some tempting, tasty bacon laden chicken and waffles, you know, if you drool over that sort of stuff.  One more reason to pick a loyalty program, earn rewards, and work your perks.

Chicken and Bacon Waffles at the Vinoy's Marchand's

7. The Beds

The Vinoy Bay View Double Historic

If you enjoy sleeping on a cloud, they’ve actually figured out a way to sell you a cloud-filled bed for the night.  Seriously, we slept very comfortably in a large room with a beautiful view.

Room TIP:  When looking at rooms, pay close attention to what you’re getting if being highly price sensitive.  You will notice that the newly updated rooms are a little more.  It’s in the description of the room.  The Guest Room, the Bay View Historic, and the Balcony have different wording.  The Balcony shows “newly renovated”.  When I see things like that at a historic hotel, I know that there may be signs of wear on the cheaper rooms.  It’s not always a deal breaker but it could be a mood changer. 

The Vinoy Bay View Double Sitting Area

8. Vinoy Park

The Vinoy Park 1

A large waterfront park just steps away from the hotel.  Enjoy a nice walking/running/biking trail with scenic views and occasional glimpses of dolphins swimming pretty close to the shoreline.  It’s a favorite site for festivals and events, also.

The Vinoy Park 2

9. North Shore Park

North Shore Playground

As you pass through Vinoy Park, you might not notice the effortless transition to North Shore Park’s playground, aquatic complex, sports complex, dog park, and beach in the distance.

North Shore Beach

10. Bikes and More to Explore

Easy bike rental station across the street from the entrance, a short walk through North Straub Park will get you to the Museum of Fine Art and the St. Petersburg Museum of History. 

While the room wasn’t the most impressive and could use a bit of updating, I loved every aspect of our stay.  I would highly recommend a visit for dinner, for drinks, for a history tour of the hotel, an overnight stay, or all of the above. The location and amenities make the Vinoy an exceptional choice for a downtown getaway in St. Petersburg, FL.

If you’re still wondering if a stay here fits your needs, I always recommend a visit on TripAdvisor to see what others think.  

The Vinoy Rocking Chairs

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That view and then the park! That’ll be a great place to stay next time I head to St. Pete.

Marie Hernandez

This looks like a lovely hotel…despite the restrictions! LOL!

Thanks or sharing your experience.

Cynthia Mackintosh

I’m surprised, too, that they had low ratings on Yelp. I’ve never actually stayed there, but I have been inside and around the area. It’s beautiful there! Great review!


This place looks amazing!! I’ll definitely have to visit!

Julie Gazdecki

Beautiful place!! What a great location!!

Shalona London

In all the many years I’ve lived in Florida, I’ve never been to St Petersburg. This is a cute little getaway spot!