A Travel Toilet Paper Tale in Egypt: The Unexpected Travel Essential

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Traveling often means preparing for the unexpected, and sometimes, the most crucial essentials are those you least anticipate needing like travel toilet paper. Who would have thought that a humble roll of toilet paper would become the unsung hero of my Egyptian adventure? This little item, often overlooked on Egypt packing lists, turned out to be as essential as a good suitcase or a portable charger. Let me unravel this humorous yet necessary tale for you.

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Packing for Egypt: Unusual Travel Items Edition

Preparation is key when traveling to a place as historically and culturally rich as Egypt. After scouring through countless travel blogs, reviews, and Facebook group comments, one unusual travel item stood out: comments about toilet paper. Little did I know, this simple item would become a pivotal part of my Egypt travel essentials. So, I searched and found on Amazon, a travel sized roll.

Tissue on the go - travel toilet paper

The Inspection Confusion

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that a cylinder-shaped object would cause so much fuss. Every time my bag went through security, questions arose about this mysterious item. Reminded me of the time a wine opener in my bag raised eyebrows on a cruise – it’s always the unexpected items that cause a major stir.

Why Travel Toilet Paper in Egypt?

You might wonder, doesn’t Egypt have toilet paper? Indeed, it does, but public restroom experiences can vary significantly. Unlike in the United States, public restrooms in Egypt often require a fee, and the amenities provided can be minimal.

During my travels, I encountered a spectrum of restrooms. The Hilton Luxor, understandably, offered the best facilities, but these were exclusive to guests. In contrast, a public bathroom during a desert safari was less equipped, lacking both lighting and toilet paper. Picture me, juggling my phone as a makeshift flashlight, lining the toilet seat with a disposable cover for my daughter, all while trying to manage my roll of toilet paper. It’s a hilarious memory now, but a challenging moment then.

hilton luxor hotel public restroom

Other restrooms, like those at a rest stop between Luxor and Hurghada, were surprisingly pleasant – spacious, well-lit, and well-stocked. However, the restroom at Luxor Temple was less accommodating, offering only a single sheet of facial tissue per person. Had I not brought my own supply, the situation could have been concerning.

Travel Tips from My Egyptian Adventure

Traveling with children means being prepared for frequent restroom breaks. Each restroom encounter in Egypt was unique – some required the full arsenal of my traveling potty kit, while others were hassle-free. A critical tip for travelers: be mindful of local customs regarding toilet paper disposal. In some places, you may need to use a wastebasket instead of flushing.

If you ever find yourself without your personal supply, I recommend creating little travel packets from available resources. The Hilton Luxor was a goldmine for this, offering Charmin – a luxury in such settings. I proudly crafted several small packets, each coming in handy during our travels.

In hindsight, this special roll of travel toilet paper, a mere $2 investment on Amazon, was a lifesaver. It solved problems I hadn’t anticipated and took up minimal space in my luggage. So, when compiling your Egypt packing list, don’t overlook this unusual yet essential travel item. Definitely better to play it safe, especially with practical things like this. 

My journey through Egypt was an eye-opener in so many ways, reassuring me that my need to be prepared in all situations is essential – including bathroom emergencies. This experience taught me that something as simple as travel-size toilet paper can make all the difference in a trip, turning potential discomfort into a story worth sharing. So, when you’re compiling your Egypt travel essentials, don’t forget to add this small but mighty item to your Egypt packing list.

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