Paris on a Budget?

Could you spend less than $1000 on a weekend in Paris?

I took the Buzzfeed quiz – Can you spend a weekend in Paris for under $1000 and nailed it!

Buzzfeed - can you visit Paris?

$1000 for the weekend – hand it over and consider it done.  Having spent a night under the Eiffel Tower, I’ve checked that off my list and know exactly where I would stay. Montmartre! (There’s no kids on this weekend getaway, BTW)

Sticking with the theme of this challenge, here’s 9 hotels that won the Traveler’s Choice award – Best of the Best.  These hotels not only give you a 4-star stay or better but you can find some fall dates that are under $200 a night, some as low as $130.

A Weekend for 2 during Fall? sounds really nice. These hotels all have a walking score of 100 and easy access to the Metro.  Some are boutique hotels, and some are mid-range but travelers say there’s lots to love from the location to the amenities and friendly staff. 

Once you know where to stay to get the most value for your dollars, what do you eat in Paris?  While we’d all love to dine every night at Michelin restaurants, but there’s a few other places you can eat at to spend less and still eat well. Try the boulangerie’s and creperie’s for sandwich’s and pastries.  Head to open markets and neighborhood grocery stores like Carrefour for more options. Don’t forget about various other cuisines to dine on like Vietnamese or Indian.

I would probably spend more of my budget on food than I would on entertainment.  Wander around town, admire the historical buildings and architecture or stroll by street art and Parisians in the park.  Not to say that I wouldn’t be tempted to enjoy a night at Moulin Rouge or a private tasting in a wine cellar, those are all eventual “must-do’s” for another weekend. 

Wouldn’t it be great to live close enough to spend a weekend in Paris every month?  Meet 9 of the Best of the Best hotels to get you closer to an affordable weekend in Paris without sacrificing on a great place to stay.

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Best of the Best – TripAdvisor’s Traveler’s Choice Awards

1. Hotel Fabric

(1,578 Reviews, #11 of 1,845 Hotels)

A 33 room Boutique Hotel offering family rooms, soundproof rooms, blackout curtains, free Wi-Fi, and a spa.


Café Mericourt

For less than 12 euros enjoy seasonal granola, fruit pancakes, or a breakfast bun.


Place des Vosges – oldest public square created in 1612.  Have a picnic or visit Maison Victor Hugo museum.

Atelier des Lumieres – see classic art in an immersive exhibition.

Musée National Picasso-Paris

Bastille Market  – one of the largest markets, open Thursdays and Sundays.  See link for times and updates.

2. Hotel R de Paris

(1,126 Reviews, #13 of 1,845 Hotels)

A modern Hotel featuring suites, soundproof rooms, blackout curtains, and free Wi-Fi.

3. Hotel du Rond-Point des Champs-Elysees – Esprit de France

(228 Reviews, #18 of 1,845 Hotels)

A romantic hotel featuring suites, family rooms, and city views.


Laduree – Macarons!

Le Chalet du 8eme – creperie


Champs-Elysees – wander down the most famous street in Paris.

4. Le 10 Bis Hotel

(693 Reviews, #20 of 1,845 hotels)

A business class hotel featuring suites and family-friendly children’s activities.


Boulangerie Montgolfière – lunch to go for under 10 euros includes a sandwich, salad, or quiche with a pastry and drink.

5. B Montmartre Hotel

(1,523 Reviews, #23 of 1,845 hotels)

A charming hotel featuring free Wi-Fi and a wine bar.

6. Hotel Malte – Astotel

(1,149 Reviews, #33 of 1,845 hotels)

A mid-range hotel featuring family rooms and free Wi-Fi.



7. Hotel Saint Paul Rive Gauche

(1,021 Reviews, #38 of 1,845 hotels)

A boutique hotel featuring family rooms,suites, and street parking.


Arc de Triomphe

Jardin d’Acclimation – small amusement park

8. Hidden Hotel

(1,493 Reviews, #42 of 1,845 hotels)

A hidden gem featuring family rooms,suites, room service and more.

9. Hotel Balmoral

(1,648 Reviews, #46 of 1,845 hotels)

A quiet hotel featuring family rooms,suites, bicycle rentals, and more.

More Good Hotel Options on the

Traveler’s Choice list:

More Good Hotel options:

Hôtel Rochester Champs-Élysées

Hotel Regence Etoile

Hotel Les Matins de Paris & Spa

Hotel des Arts Montmartre

Ducs de Bourgogne Hotel

Best Western Jardin De Cluny

Hotel Bradford Elysees – Astotel

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13 Free Places to Wander in Paris

Domaine National du Palais-Royal – walk the passages and take pictures by collonades.

Coulee Verte Rene-Dumont – take a scenic stroll on the elevated park walkway.

Parc Monceau – 18th century park with children’s play area.

Petit Palais – art museum.

Musee Carnavalet – Histoire de Paris

Passage Verdeau – 19th century architecture, covered passage and shop fronts.

Le Charme Parisien Des Passages Couverts – historic covered passage.

Love Locks on bridge.

Musée de la Légion d’honneur et des ordres de chevalerie

Medici Fountain – 17th century fountain in the Luxembourg Gardens

Musée Curie – see Marie Curie’s lab and office.

Passage Jouffroy – one of the most popular covered passage shopping arcades.

Bois de Vincennes – Zoological park and gardens found here.

Jardin des Tuileries – open park area close to many landmarks.

Don’t forget to stop by “Que Faire” to find events and current happenings during your weekend trip.

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