One Amazing Day Wandering in Palma de Mallorca

One day is not enough but it’s all I had.  That’s the problem with cruises but also the POWER with cruising.  When you only have one day in a new place, you just have to hit the ground running with a plan.  That means knowing exactly what you want to see and do.  I always stay flexible though by prioritizing my most important stops first. 

To create your own perfect walk, try one of my favorite free resources: GPSMyCity

Six Places worth Wandering Around

These six stops will have you strolling pass beautiful gardens, courtyards, shops, and restaurants.  Don’t believe that it will only take 20 minutes to walk this 1.5 km plan because you need to stroll, taste treats, sit for a moment, and capture memories. 

Wandering Mallorca Map

Just a Reminder…

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Head back to the 13th century when you set your sights on this ancient fortress.  While most of its Moorish elements were converted to Gothic style after the Christians took over, you can still see the Moorish arches from the sea. Take some time to really enjoy the walk around the palace gardens even if you do not go inside.

Palace pond

Lago del Cisne

palace walkway

Palace Walkway

Palace gates

Palace Gates

Palace side by Cathedral

Cathedral Side of Palace

Skyview in Mallorca


Sea View in Mallorca

Sea View

Enjoy a nice shaded walk in the King’s gardens by the cathedral with sculptures and a fountain.

Gothic Roman Catholic Cathedral built on the site of a pre-existing Arab Mosque. Construction began in 1229 and wasn’t finished until 1601.

Cathedral doors
Cathedral gargoyles
Cathedral view

Small 2-room building that once housed a Byzantine bath dating back to the 11th century.  In the center of the bath room is a cupola with 5 oculi (circular windows) that let in light.  The room is held up by 12 columns that were pillaged from earlier Roman construction.  See more of the Arab Baths here.

This beautiful museum houses unique contemporary sculptures, medieval engravings, and even an 18th century Neopolitan nativity scene.

This beautiful tree lined avenue has views of the Cathedral and the sea with shops and restaurants to enjoy.

Oh, the beautiful places you’ll pass along the way…

Streets of Palma
Streets of Palma
Jardin gates
courtyard view
Streets of Palma
Courtyard view
Streets of Palma
Peek into a courtyard
Garden Passage
Streets of Palma
Streets of Palma
Streets of Palma
Passieg des Born

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Ready to Wander?

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1 month ago

Thanks for sharing these great tips! I love the photos!

Kathy Toner
1 month ago

I have always wanted to go to Spain. Seems like time stood still on this beautiful island, so much history. I just love the catherdrals, bath houses and the beaches!


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