Stuck at Home – DIY Wellness

DIY Wellness Activities

Fun ways to help promote wellness during your stay at home.

If you’re feeling pretty bummed about the current travel status quo, you’re not alone.  Most of us have either chosen to stay at home, like being at home, or may even be stuck at home for a while.

That’s okay, here’s some great ways to tap into our imaginations and create some getaway moments at home. The focus for this DIY Getaway at Home is Wellness.

Let’s take care of our mental and physical health by allowing ourselves some time to ourselves.  You may have to turn off the phone, unplug the TV, lock yourself in the bathroom, whatever is necessary.  It’s your getaway and you deserve it.  It may even be just what you need.

Stuck at Home: Wellness

Just a Reminder…

You’ll find a lot of links to various resources on this site, some of these links are affiliate links that pay me a commission at no extra cost to you. If you make a purchase through these companies, this supports the photos and tips that are provided to inspire you in your own travels.


1. Create a Getaway Spot

Pick somewhere in your home that you can turn into your getaway for a moment, an afternoon, a weekend, however long that you can.

It can be a closet, an empty corner, a porch, a patio, whatever works.

Walk around your home looking for everything you have that represents calm to you and bring it to your “retreat space”.

  • plants
  • statues
  • a mirror
  • a pillow/floor cushion
  • christmas/twinkle lights
  • a painting/poster/portrait of a loved one
  • a water feature
  • miniature zen garden
  • books
  • art materials
  • incense or candles

Looking for some really cool finds to add to your space, HomeGoods and Amazon are my favorites! This is not an affiliate link, just a place that I was recently introduced to that’s pretty spectacular and definitely has some mood creating goods, try it.  Midnight Sun Imports in Jacksonville, FL

3 Great finds on Amazon for your Mood Space (All under $30, some under $10!)

2. Plan to Eat

So, maybe this spot will be for your morning routine for the next few weeks, or maybe it’s for your next few Saturday’s. Plan to eat, but don’t work too hard on it (it’s a getaway remember), just have an idea of what you’ll eat, who’s making it (or delivering it), and check that part off the list so you can have an amazing retreat.  

5 Great finds on Amazon for fun and creative eating (All under $50)

3. What will you do to soothe your wandering soul?

  1. Read a book for free! 
    1. Access over 20 million ebooks and texts including a special archive of 1.4 million modern texts at the National Emergency Library.
  2. Tour an art museum, but not just any museum, how about the Louvre?
    1. 3 virtual tours available including the Advent of the Artist, Egyptian Antiquities, and the Remains of the Louvre’s Moat
  3. Visit National Parks 
    1. Checkout Yeloowstone’s Mammoth Hot Springs
    2. Arts & Cutlure with Google can take you from Dry Tortugas in Florida to the Volcanoes of Hawaii.
  4. Exfoliate from head to toe
  5. Head over to the National Aquarium for a virtual tour.
  6. Create a digital mood board with Canva
  7. Learn how to meditate.
  8. Enjoy some self-reflection.
  9. Tour a famous church – The Vatican.
  10. Practice yoga with 2 months free.
  11. Watch a movie for free
    1. Vudu
    2. Crackle
    3. Tubi
    4. PopcornFlix
  12. Make a copycat painting of one of your favorite works of art.
  13. Journal.
  14. Listen to music and I really do hope you dance.
  15. Spend time with others if you need to be more social via online games, chat, text, and social media but remember to spend time alone if you need less.

If you’re looking for more virtual tours to experience, you might enjoy this article recommended by Ben & Luke (recent visitors to our site) who kept busy virtually exploring during their time remote learning. Enjoy flying through the Largest Cave in the World, a Virtual Rainforest, Mount Everest, or the Giant’s Causeway and so much more.

4. More Ways to Explore and Expand your Creative Genius”

Upcycle something – Wine Bottles perhaps?

Whatever you wind up doing, take care of yourself and enjoy virtually wandering!

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