Positive Affirmations to Get You Closer to the Happiness and Joy You Desire

If 2020 left you unscarred, please, tell me your secret.  I have lost friends, money, respect for people, the freedom to travel, my way of life, and my sense of being just to name a few things.  You have had to wait for things that you once had ease of access to.  Some products you regularly saw in the store have disappeared since March and you haven’t seen them since.  We live in a completely different world now than the one we’ve experienced our entire lives.  If there were ever a time for reflection and self-love, it is at this exact moment. 

Feeling reminded of all the times you received advice in your life that you thought you understood but somehow 2020 gave it brand new meaning. Well, some of it has been proven to be the opposite.  That just means that the most important advice you’ll ever receive in life is to find balance.  That nothing is everything so you have to balance between it all, you have to balance the truths, the lies, your understanding of both and your emotions. 

5 Life Quotes I Now See Diffferently

  • “When people show you who they are – believe them.” People have completely exposed themselves this year, their pain, anger, frustration, struggles, fears, worries, lack of understanding, lack of compassion, hatred, jealousy.  They’ve exposed everything.  And now, I believe them more than any excuse I have ever made about their behavior.  I’ve even been able to lift the veil on all of the times they started to show their truth, but my denial refused to let it be known.

  •  “When you assume, you make an… – and sometimes you assumed right.  People that I always thought were (fill in the blank with whatever negative behavior) proved in 2020 that I assumed right.  No examples necessary, I’m sure you have a few of your own.

  • “Fear doesn’t stop death, it stops life.” – again, balance is key.  Fear of getting burned keeps you from putting your hand in fire, because, you know, it burns.  You probably learned this by getting burned once or twice.  Fear of trying something that is known to be safe, tested, or trusted is an illogical baseless fear.  Fear of the unknown is justified.  Fear only stops life when you are letting unjustified fears control your actions.  When you realize you are afraid, you will be able to control the fear, so it doesn’t have to stop you from living.

  • “You can handle whatever life throws at you.” – yes, you can but that doesn’t mean life should just keep throwing. Give us a minute to balance this crap.  If you feel overwhelmed, you can cry, sleep, or seek recovery and assistance the best way possible.  Find healthy ways to cope with the stress, so you won’t feel defeated.

  • “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” – they can attempt it and they succeed for an instant.  While, I have never willingly agreed to be subservient to anyone, many have attacked me in a passive-aggressive manner that had that result.  You do not even have to be familiar with the aggressor, for instance, a cashier ignores your presence even though you are clearly next in line or someone gives you a backhanded compliment that stings way more than it sparkles.  They have attempted to make you feel inferior, while you may have control over the lasting effect, you felt the impact, you were offended and maybe even slightly wounded.  You can bounce back but you never handed over that power, they took it.

My 2020 Positive Take Aways

  • Kindness is the simplest way to show another struggling soul that love exists. – Kindness has so many faces, you can be kind every single day, several times a day because it is so much more than just paying it forward in the Starbucks line.  It is acknowledging pain without a need to explain why you don’t see it.  It is taking someone’s word about their experience without justifying why they shouldn’t feel that way.  It is a smile. It is standing in unity.  It is seeing your own blessings and that someone else may not have such luxuries.  It is just trying to understand things that seem inconceivable. Be Kind to yourself and others.

  • You see only what you want to see, that’s your power. – You magical being, did you know you have that kind of power? Google knows it, so does, Facebook, and every other form of social media.  They know that you can create your own reality by surrounding yourself with things you find pleasant to think about and see and that you can remove that which you oppose.  They allow you to do it in a way that you can’t in the real world.  Use that power accordingly though, because too much of seeing what we want to see sets us in a false reality and prepares you for a shattered world moment instead of ready to deal with truths.

  • You only actually need half of the things that you thought you needed. – Minimalism is so beautiful to me but then where would I put all the sparkly stuff I need? The truth is, we have all had a moment where we have lived with less especially in 2020.  Less really isn’t so bad.  What we need is for everyone to have enough because it is possible. 

  • Finding your place in the world might be more important than seeing the world. – Finding that “your place” doesn’t have a physical address is the most revealing thing you found out about yourself this year.  That the work or the people that you thought defined you may have been keeping you from being greater and happier.  Spending just a little bit of time on you each day opens your world further than traveling to every country if you let it.

  • Tomorrow is a new day and another chance. – It looks like today wasn’t awesome.  Try again tomorrow, take as many tomorrows as you’re given.  Be thankful for the blessing of tomorrow for as long as they keep coming.

  • Humans are both fragile and powerful at the same time. –   They can be harmed by words, thoughts, actions, disease, and famine.  With all of the damage that those cause, who needs guns, knives, bombs, and drugs?  They can also be healed by words, thoughts, and actions powered by the mind and science.  Science would not exist without the capabilities of the mind.  Therefore, it is necessary and is as good as the mind that uses it.

Wander Happily.

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