When I Wander Travel inspiration so you can wander too.
Beach Sunset

Hey, Wanderer!

Hey wanderer, tell me true
Where have you been and what have you seen?
Have you traveled far, beneath skies of blue
And witnessed wonders, beyond our dreams?

Do you walk alone, through forests and fields
Or do you journey with a tribe of your own?
Are you a stranger, to all you meet
Or do you belong, to a place unknown?

Hey wanderer, what do you seek
Is it adventure, or peace of mind?
Do you chase after, some elusive dream
Or are you content, with what you find?

Do you carry with you, a burden to bear
Or are you light as a feather, free as the air?
Do you live in the past, or present here
Or do you ponder, the future’s endless stare?

Hey wanderer, don’t be afraid
To share your tales, and let them be told
For every journey, has a story to be made
And every traveler, a tale to unfold.

Be a Traveller

Join me on a journey of discovery as I dream, plan, and wander through life’s adventures. Let’s explore the world together, from hiking nature trails to cruising the seas, and capture our experiences through a photo travel diary. Meet my family, share a meal or cocktails, and soak in all of life’s treasures along the way. Come along for the ride with me, when I wander.

Welcome, dreamers, travel believers, and points redeemers, it’s nice to meet you.

Happy Wandering!

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