A Gift Guide For Everyday Basic Needs That Aren’t Boring

My gift giving practices include some very simple rules for gifts that makes it easy to shop and give.  Besides books and games, my favorite things to give are experiential gifts and everyday gifts that are consumable and never go out of style.  It will be a little difficult this year to give an experiential gift while we’re still uncertain about what will be open and when/where we can go in 2021.  So, I’ll be focusing on those practical gifts that will definitely be consumed and how to make those gifts fun.  This is a great time to step out of the ordinary and have fun appreciating things we use every day.

Just a Reminder…

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Socks – Boring right? Nooooo! It’s so easy to make socks fun.  There are funny and cute socks for everyone on your shopping list, from 0 to 99+ years old.

For the Potty Mouthed One

For the Foodie $19.99

For the Wanderer $12.99

For the Gamer $14.99


Are you a slippers person? I am! Not all day long but sometimes, I really need my slippers on.

Fuzzy Paws $17.95 – $25.95

Poop Emoji $13.99

Lazy Dusting $12.99

Flexible Flats (for the Wanderer) $12.00

Because I really did buy someone these a few years ago and they’re still a favorite!


There’s bedding, and then there’s BEDDING.

Burrito Blanket $30.99

Skulls Sheet Set $30.99

For the Love of Sloths $42.99

Disney Princess Blanket $38.99


The annual ritual of Christmas pajamas can even get some new looks to try.

Family of Elves $19.99 – $34.99

Santa Onsie $33.99+

Disney Princess Gown $15.73+

Novelty Christmas Shirts $4.99+

Hair Accessories

For the ones that love to accessorize.

Party Highlights $11.90

Minimalist Hair Clips $9.99

Unicorn Hair Clips Holder $12.99

Beard Grooming Kit $25.91

I think at this point we can all appreciate a pack of toilet paper but to make it special, try bamboo. $23.99


If you haven’t tried some of these things in Bamboo yet, you are missing out! It’s super soft and can feel like a wonderful luxurious upgrade to spoil someone with. More things in Bamboo that might be perfect for someone you know:

Bamboo Diabetic Ankle Socks 6 pairs for $16

Bamboo Sheets Set $39.99

Bamboo Pajamas in 17 colors, sizes S – 4X $24.99

These Bamboo Washcloths are amazingly soft.  They’re so nice that one of my houseguests asked to keep one. 6 pack for $13.99

Bamboo Shower Bench $39.79

Bamboo Odor Absorbers $16.97

Bamboo Accents Zen Garden $37.99

Bamboo Velvet Pillow Covers 2 Pack for $14.99

Bamboo Hanging Poster $20.99

Special mentions especially if you know some young adults living on their own:

Laundry Detergent

Household Cleaners

Hand Sanitizer

Keep in mind any sensitivities to scents or allergies during your Christmas gifting.

If you’re not finding anything interesting, try searching by adding words like “fun”, “funny”, “unique” or specific colors.

Happy Wandering for something practical and amazing.

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