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When I Wander – Portia O’Laughlin

Are you a thrill-seeking family, a parent with a passion for nature, a history enthusiast, or an explorer on a budget?

Why not let me be your guide to uncovering hidden treasures, delving into the rich tapestries of history, and discovering the thrill of adventure—all while keeping an eye on value? Dive into my world, where unforgettable experiences don’t demand a fortune. Ready for an adventure? Reach out, and let’s make your next journey one for the books!

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Keep the pulse on adventure! Join me and stay in the loop with the latest family travel insights, hidden destination gems, and bespoke travel planning wisdom. Together, we’ll turn your travel aspirations into vivid, unforgettable experiences. Follow along and let’s bring your travel dreams to life!

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A few of my favorite things:

Think of me as your personal travel oracle. With certifications from CLIA, NATJA, and several gold-tier recognitions from cruise lines like Virgin Voyages and Disney, I’m not just an enthusiast – I’m a pro. Florida Seller of Travel Ref No. ST15578.

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