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arab baths entrance

Sightseeing Spotlight – Arab Baths (Banys Arabs) in Palma De Mallorca

Inside the Arab Baths

It’s a rare treat to get to enter a 10th century Bath House from the time of the Moors, so if you love historic places, then the Arab Baths in Mallorca might be on your list of places to visit.  This is all that remains of the ancient Arab city once known as Medina Mayurqa.

Roman baths were common for bathing and relaxing and would have several rooms with different temperatures. The rooms were typically large covered spaces with dome ceilings.  These baths, historically, would be open to all (rich and poor) from lunchtime until dusk.  However, the wealthy might also have their own private baths attached to their villas.  

arab baths entrance

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Palma de Mallorca Map – Banys Arabs

The Moorish bath was similar to the Roman Bath using a hot room (caldarium), a warm room (tepidarium), and a cold room (frigidarium). This bath house is small but still contains 2 small rooms still, the Caldarium and the Tepidarium.  It is likely that this was a private bath house.

The Tepidarium has a dome with 25 round openings for sunlight to shine through and it is supported by 12 columns.  If you take a moment to look deeply, you will notice that each column is different.  It is believed that the columns might have been salvaged from Roman buildings or ruins.  

In the hot bath room, you might notice that there is a double floor for heated water. The round windows let natural light enter but also allow the steam to escape.

While you can’t partake in the centuries old bath ritual, you can find a peaceful moment of rest and relaxation in the lush garden making this one of the best things to do in Palma de Mallorca.

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Outside in the Gardens

For about 3 Euros, this might be the best place to stop and rest for a bit while wandering in Palma de Mallorca.

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