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9 Creative Things To Do at Home

Trying to figure out more ways to stay safe and keep busy at home during the pandemic? Here’s some ideas of what has worked for us.

I love wandering around from place to place, exploring all the local gems I can find.  March 15th quickly put an end to that.  Like most people, I thought we would stay inside for a month or 2 and then go back to normal.  Unfortunately, by the 3rd month, we were starting to get a little stir-crazy.

I thought I had a good handle on things but as time went by, I just wanted to go out somewhere and the safest thing I could think of was a family boating day.  I tried to book a boat rental 4 times only to be cancelled by bad weather and unavailability. 

When the one place I trusted still had no availability, I went with another unknown company which turned out to be a guy that led me straight down a path of more disappointment.  I eventually had to file complaints with my credit card, the State’s Attorney General, and the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

While I often like to try to give small businesses a chance, there’s very little retribution for paying some unscrupulous person upfront that then decides you can’t take one of the boats out because you don’t have enough experience despite holding a boater’s safety card and having “some” experience.  He promised, he’d refund and said he was so sorry about the inconvenience.  He even made excuses about why he requires you to have driven at least 25X but didn’t mention it on his website or confirmation.

Painted a mural in my daughter’s room. (Ah, for the love of Paris!) Just a free hand version of the Eiffel Tower.  I’ve always wanted to try some kind of hand drawn artwork on a wall.

For some great tips on mural techniques, try Art Is Fun

Mural Painting for Designers

Created new travel inspired home décor items on spoonflower and society 6 to go with our girly Paris theme.

Design Tips:

How to Create Surface Patterns

Make Your Surface Pattern Designs Look Good

Illustrating a Repeat Pattern By Hand Tutorial

Creating Your First Design

Took some new classes and practiced some new skills.

The internet is full of free information so you don’t always have to pay a lot to develop new skills. There are tons of free videos on Youtube, just pick something you want to learn how to do. It may not always be by an expert but it could still be helpful in pointing you in the right direction to start.

8 Free Courses from the Pros to upskill with:

Google Analytics for Beginnners

Learning How to Learn

The Science of Well-Being

Successful Negotiation

Conquering the Fear of Public Speaking

Product Photography for E-Commerce

How to Start a Dropshipping Business

Drop by Google’s Digital Garage for MORE

Pulled out the camera and practiced micro shots, more editing techniques, entered a few contests, and joined some photography groups.

23 Photography Project Ideas

Still figuring out how to use your Go Pro for your next trip? Try these tips for playing with your GoPro at Home

Check out the challenges on Viewbug.

Lots of people adopted new pets but did you try a ladybug farm or a butterfly project? 

Our butterfly project involved lots of surprises about butterflies that we never expected including one that emerged with a damaged wing and couldn’t fly. 

Need to blow off some steam, maybe, try the opposite of relaxing. When was the last time you shot off a rocket or erupted a volcano?  From stomp rockets to water rockets and model rockets, there’s plenty to explore.  It’s easy enough to order a kit but if you have the extra time, try building this one from Popular Science.

I don’t want to get you in trouble but, we’ve tried LOTS of new recipes.  Not all have been pretty but they have been pretty tasty.  Also made some old-school favorites like Funnel Cake!

Mirror-glazed cheesecake with this mold for under $10!

Click here for recipe.

Made Jamaican Jerk Seitan with these 2 recipes:

We love to read but consume books faster than the wallet allows, problem solved!

Check your local library to see if they have a books by mail program, it works great for creating holds for books you want to read and having them show up on your doorstep without costing you a fortune.  Many libraries also give you digital access to books online, find out what your library has for you.

Make use of your Amazon Prime membership and do a trial or subscribe to Kindle Unlimited.  Many titles become available for limited periods of time that you can read for free including some great how-to books for your next skill set to be mastered.  You’ll find self-help, popular novels, mysteries, children’s books, and how to do almost anything.  A sample of what’s currently available:

So go ahead, let your mind wander while you can’t.  Be creative, play with new ideas, and build new skills. There are plenty of creative things to do at home.  Keep planning your future travels, we will wander again, and remember, planning is the fun part.

Looking to plan your next adventure? We’re definitely looking forward to fun travels again in 2021.

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