Traveling well is defined by you. 

Knowing my travel style helps me figure out where I want to go and what I want to do when I get there. It’s also useful for keeping some flexibility when things don’t work out the way you planned. For example, I know that when I travel with my family that some of us will need to go to a playground or a children’s museum while others (mostly me) will want to walk, hike, and see historical places. That means my target list of things to do in any location has to include walkable areas, playgrounds, parks, scenic views, fountains or splash pads (different names in different places), museums, and monuments. That can mean over 50 places in some cities and towns because I count anything within 30 – 45 minutes driving distance as well.

1. Narrowing down the list is easy and that’s why I don’t worry about making a long list to begin with. Some places knock themselves off first because they’re too expensive – know your budget!

2. Too far – know your travel limits.

3. Outdoors activities might have to get changed to an indoor one – know the weather.

4. Check reviews and websites for average visitor time, special exhibits or events – know what’s going on.

5. Use websites or apps to look for parking ideas before you go – know where to park.

6. Once you’ve settled on the attractions that are most important to you and yours, now you can pack – know what to bring.

7. Unless there’s something special going on, my clothing style is pretty casual.

8. Good walking shoes plus flip flops and my super fancy croc wedges (for those days I want to pretend I’m wearing heels). When flying, always wear the easiest shoes to kick off unless you have TSA precheck (LOVE THIS – children under 12 go through free with you). And remember, sometimes, that won’t even save you from having to kick off your shoes if outside of operating hours or at an airport that doesn’t have it.

9. Dresses that pack well because they could literally be crumpled into a ball and never tell their story.

10. Capri leggings because they’re awesome, paired with my fancy tunics that double duty by being made of material that doesn’t give away all my efforts or show glistening (ok, sweat marks).

11. Tank tops, athletic wear, shorts, and of course a sweater or two because you never know.

12. On a rare occasion where I may want makeup, it’s minimal and can fit in a purse. 2 Things that I always have are lip gloss and moisturizer.

Travel Style Tips

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