10 Vacation Questions

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It’s summer and we’re all thinking it’s time for a vacation! Maybe, you’re not sure where to go or what to do and need some inspiration or just want some cool conversation starters for your backyard chill fest.  Asking and answering questions about traveling is a great way come up with new ideas and relive good moments. I was inspired by Marsha In The Middle.

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So Here’s My 10 Vacation Questions Answered:

  1. Are you planning to take a vacation anytime soon? Please share!

Yes (of course, right?)!  I wander a lot throughout Florida but my next actual vacation will be in August on Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady for a Sunset Soiree! I am beyond excited!  This will be to celebrate our 28th anniversary.  Virgin Voyages is adults only so while I always have the kids with me, for the second time in my life and this year, we will travel without our kids.  You’ve probably already heard about the first time and it was a complete disaster so I required a do-over and this one is a proper repeat try.

  1. Have you recently gone on vacation? Tell Us About It.

Yes! I just returned from a cousin’s trip to Jamaica.  We try to do an extended family and friends trip once a year but it hasn’t happened since early 2020.  Most did not come with us, but that’s okay, we had a great time and as usual at least one of my kids was with us. LOL.  The adult kids are always welcomed on our adult trips.  We went to Negril, stayed at the Azul Beach Resort Negril, took the birthday lady on a sunset cruise with Tiki Pon Da Sea, and hiked in the Canaan Mountains for lunch with the Rasta’s.  

  1. What is your favorite way to travel?

I LOVE to cruise.  It’s my absolute favorite way to travel.  I have a whole bucket list of cruises that call my name. I’ve been on 15 cruises (Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, MSC, Disney, Norwegian, & Bahamas Paradise) and have 2 more scheduled for this year (Virgin Voyages and MSC again).  

If you like cruising or want to try it out, use to find your next cruise.

  1. If money were no object, where would you go and why?

That’s hard.  I can dream up some amazing no expense spared trips but what I love the most is a private yacht cruising the Greek Islands and spending as much time as I want at each one.

  1. Who would be your favorite person (living or dead) to take on vacation?

Easy.  I would want to take my mother somewhere amazing, maybe all over the world so she can enjoy every bit of it, even the parts she’s never dreamed of.  

  1. What do you absolutely have to pack when you go on vacation?

I’m so ridiculous when it comes to packing.  I absolutely without fail bring at least 2 cameras, a mini tripod, my cordless waterpik, a dedicated toiletry bag stuffed with my favorite shower gel and every toiletry I could possibly need, a pop-up hamper, slippers, and multiple types of charging cords and chargers – there’s a whole mini pouch dedicated to charging.

  1. What are your memories of your all-time favorite vacation?

This is another very hard one but if I have to pick one, it would be my 1st big dream trip which we went on for our 25th anniversary to ParisVersaillesMallorca – Ibiza – Provence des Baux – Nice – Eze in 2019.  We landed in Paris after delays in Frankfurt, Germany with no luggage.  It took 3 days to get our luggage finally with one bag returned back home to Florida.  We were only in Paris for 3 days and had photoshoots scheduled with no clothes. 

We explored as much as we could under the circumstances, got scammed at a restaurant near the Eiffel Tower despite knowing better; loved our apartment hotel with the penthouse view of the Eiffel; rode in a classic car for a night tour of Paris; took the train to Versailles; half of us missed the train to Marseilles but were soon reunited; rented a car to go to Provence; took a cruise to Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Ibiza, and Genoa (on MSC); took another train to Nice and on to Monaco; ubered to Eze, then hiked up to the Gardens of Eze.  

Hands down that was the best trip ever despite lost luggage and missed trains.  2 weeks in Europe and the Mediterranean is not nearly enough but we packed it in as a family of 9 and it was truly amazing.  I don’t know when we’ll be able to do that again but I hope we will one day.

  1. Where would you never go on vacation and why?

There are definitely some parts of the US that I’m not interested in going to, Dubai is not on the top of my list either.  I don’t want to go anywhere where the primary focus is wealth or shopping, I’m more interested in local culture, inclusion, and natural beauty.  I want to eat local foods, hike, learn about the flora and fauna, and if possible have authentic connections.

  1. What is the worst thing you ever experienced on vacation?

Haha, another hard one.  I don’t see anything as all bad because every “bad moment” is an opportunity to either learn procedures, cultural norms, or something about yourself.  Lost luggage was a lesson about travel procedures and all that can go wrong when you travel.  “Missed trains” was a lesson about clarifying procedures, schedules, stations, and managing your own expectations.  Even misjudging an experience based on reading reviews can be an opportunity to pay close attention to details in reviews that specifically address things that you know will bother you.  Everything comes down to perspective.

  1. What is the best thing that ever happened to you on vacation?

Again, perspective is important.  A good sunset captured is always a blessing.  If I made it home safe and sound to plan and enjoy another adventure, that’s all I can ask for.  When I feel welcomed and inspired by my surroundings, that really is enough for me.  

Join in the fun, answer a travel question in the comments or on your blog and let’s make a party of it.  Feel free to add your social media link to a cool vacation post or reel, your blog, a Pinterest idea or whatever you’d like to share that is vacation related.  I’ll leave it open for 10 days so we can get inspired by each other and make fun connections with other travel lovers.  Be sure to visit others and share the love.  And if you have big bucket list dreams, let’s see them!

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    • 2
      Portia O'Laughlin

      Thank you, I remind myself of those blessings every day and keep looking for more, every single day is a blessing.

  1. 3

    While I have only ever been on 1 cruise in my life I did enjoy it a lot. It’s a great way to see a lot in a short amount of time and you just can’t beat the food and entertainment on board while waiting for each port of call. I hope you have a wonderful time on both trips you have planned!

    • 4
      Portia O'Laughlin

      That’s exactly what I love about it, getting to visit different countries with ease and in comfort. Thank you! Hope you get to cruise again soon.

  2. 5

    A cousins trip sounds fun. I’ve been thinking a river cruise would be neat. Another blogger I follow did one in Europe and loved it. I enjoyed your answers. I just thought about this so it wasn’t in my answers but I would love to travel with my aunts and a few cousins to Italy and visit the places our family is from. I agree with your answer to #8.

    • 6
      Portia O'Laughlin

      A river cruise in Europe sounds amazing! I love travelling with family and friends, it definitely has a different set of unique moments but its so out of the ordinary that its just what everyone needs sometimes. Go ahead and plan one, everyone might not come but those that do will enjoy it.

  3. 7

    Portia, you have had some amazing vacations! But even more awesome to me is your attitude concerning when things don’t go as planned. I’ve known people who would allow lost luggage to ruin their entire vacation. Why?

    • 8
      Portia O'Laughlin

      Thank you, I think if we make a decision from the very beginning to accept all imperfections and have an idea of what do if something goes wrong, it doesn’t feel as crushing in the moment it happens. You only have so much time in your destination, reclaim your time quickly when things go sideways.

    • 10
      Portia O'Laughlin

      Thank you Ashley, I love sharing them and encouraging everyone to go wherever and whenever they can! I’m a firm believer that amazing is all around us.

  4. 11

    I’ve never been on a cruise, but one of my co-workers absolutely loves them! I get motion sick so easily that I’m scared a cruise will trigger that, even though my friends who have cruised assure me it won’t.

    I love your answer to question 9. After losing my dad last year, I’m trying to have that attitude for everything in life, so this was a good reminder!

    • 12
      Portia O'Laughlin

      I really recommend trying an easy short one first. One in the Gulf of Mexico out of Tampa, Galveston, or New Orleans might be a little more calm. Book mid-ship so you feel less also. My husband takes ginger pills on every cruise and he hasn’t felt much since he started doing it. Some people use anti-nausea wristbands as well. You’ll probably want to avoid hurricane season (September especially) to the Bahamas or Eastern Caribbean, that was the rockiest we have ever been on, we all were sick! The newer ships are bigger so that means more people but also more advanced stabilization technology. I know that’s a lot to look for when seeking the perfect test cruise. I hope you get to try it and have a really good experience.

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